FlakeBOSS 2.0 Flake Management System

The Pinnacle of Flaked Grain Roller Mill Automation.


Innovative technology that includes the automatic collection and sampling of Flaked Grain from both sides of the Flaker Mill. The samples are then analyzed for Flake Weight or density as measured in pounds per bushel.


The measured Flake Weight is recorded and used to make precise adjustments to the flaking process. By maintaining tight controls over all system parameters, the FlakeBOSS 2.0 can deliver a higher quality product.


FlakeBOSS 2.0 Flake Management Package Features include:


The FlakeWeigherâ„¢ uses patented technology to automatically collect a sample from each side of the Flaker Mill. The sample is weighed in a consistent manner to produce analytical data that is then used to monitor and control your Flaking Process.


  • User programmed sample interval time.


  • Real-Time readouts of the Flake Weight for both sides of Flaker, Flaking Pressure for both sides of Flaker, and number of samples collected.


  • The fully Automated System monitors the Actual Flake Weight of the flake being produced and checks that against the user defined Target Flake Weight. If the difference becomes greater than the allowable error, then a very precise adjustment is automatically made to the Flaker Mill Roller Position, and the product is retested for accuracy.


  • Includes Remote Access Capability, allowing you the ability to monitor and control your system from anywhere. As a Boss Industries client, your system can also be supported and accessed by our team of programmers and Flaking Experts when service is required.

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