FlakeBOSS 2.0 Basic Control System


The world’s most advanced suite of Operating Control Tools specifically designed to automate the Steam Flaked Grain process. FlakeBOSS 2.0 delivers the highest quality and consistent product possible.


Boss Industries’ team consists of experienced technicians who are committed to improving your Beef and Dairy Cattle needs by removing the guesswork and irregularities from your Steam-Flaked Grain System and replacing them with consistency and quality.


FlakeBOSS 2.0 Basic Package Features include:


  • An Advanced Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a Multi-Lingual Human Machine Interface (HMI) application which enable the user to have full control over basic flaking operation.


  • Equipment Start and Stop Indication and centralized Control, to maintain safety and production throughout the entire operation.


  • Real-Time readouts of the Flaker’s Motor Amps and Feeder Speed.


  • The fully Automated System monitors the Roll Position, and opens or closes them depending on the presence of product to flake. Protecting the Roll Corrugations from being damaged when there is not grain available can save you from costly replacements.


  • Digital Temperature Sensors are installed throughout the Steam Chest, alerting you to critical cook temperature information.


  • Positional PID Loop Controlled Steam Valves brings “set and forget” functionality to the formerly heavily manual operation of temperature control. Intuitive data-based programs make intelligent adjustments, removing the possibility of over-adjustments.


  • Alarm indication and annunciation to maintain safety and awareness.


  • Equipment Run Hours are tracked for maintenance and production requirements.


  • Supervisor/Operator Security Levels - protecting configuration and set points to avoid mistakes as well as an archived log of every adjustment made in the system.


  • Downstream Interlocking prevents an equipment fault from compromising your system: halting production until all issues in the line are addressed.


  • Bearing Temperature Tracking prevents premature equipment failure and is a great maintenance tracking tool.


  • Includes Remote Access Capability, allowing you the ability to monitor and control your system from anywhere. As a Boss Industries client, your system can also be supported and accessed by our team of programmers and Flaking Experts when service is required.

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