HydroBOSS Grain Moisture System


Advanced Grain Conditioning Equipment Designed to Deliver a Consistent Pre-Cook Product Moisture Resulting in Greater Steam-Flaked Grain Quality.


Boss Industries’ team consists of experienced technicians who are committed to improving your Beef and Dairy Cattle needs by removing the guesswork and irregularities from your Steam-Flaked Grain System and replacing them with consistency and quality.




HydroBOSS Grain Conditioner Package Features include:


The HydroBoss™ uses a digital microwave moisture sensor that is designed to measure moisture continuously in the flow of material across the ceramic sensor faceplate. Reading at 25 times per second the sensor detects rapid changes in moisture, providing a linear digital or analogue output.


  • Equipment Start and Stop Indication and centralized Control, to maintain safety and production throughout the entire operation.


  • Real-Time readouts of the Incoming Grain Moisture, Conditioner Flow Rate and System Pressure.


  • The fully Automated System monitors the flow rates and moisture content of the incoming product and automatically makes proportional adjustments to the conditioner flow rate to affect a consistent moisture content throughout the product.


  • Includes Remote Access Capability, allowing you the ability to monitor and control your system from anywhere. As a Boss Industries client, your system can also be supported and accessed by our team of programmers and Flaking Experts when service is required.


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